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Tuesday August 4th 2015

New 2013 Edition BSDCG MultiBSD DVD Released

With summertime in full swing, we’ve found time to release the newest edition of the BSD Certification Group Study DVD.dvd-image

This edition features the latest releases of the four BSDs:

DragonFly BSD 3.4.2
FreeBSD 9.1
NetBSD 6.1
OpenBSD 5.3

As before,  all four projects are loaded on the same DVD with a customized El Torito boot installer.  This edition features both QEMU and VirtualBox software to enable you to set up virtual machines to run any of the included systems.

The DVD comes packaged in its own hardcover case with an informative insert.

All proceeds from the sale of the DVD go towards the BSD Certification Group certification program including the BSD Associate exam (available now), and the BSD Professional exam (in development).

You can order the DVD online at

The order page also contains a complete list of all materials on the DVD including the four projects software and documentation, the latest pkgsrc sources, BSDA and BSDP exam objectives, and a customized study planner to help you study for your exam.

We’re also putting together an informative video about how to use the DVD.  A link to the video will be posted on the BSDCG website as soon as it’s ready.

Thanks to everyone who has helped support BSD Certification and the BSD projects!

Best Regards,
Jim B.

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